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Howell Bunger fixed cone discharge valve


• DN 100 – 1600
• PN 10 - 16 - 25

The Howell Bunger valve also first designs introduced by C. H. Howell and H. P. Bunger in 1935. Their first units were two 48” valves installed at El Vado Dam in Charna, New Mexico. Fixed Cone valve is a Free Discharge valve, it is also known as Howell Bunger ® and Hollow Jet valves.

These valves are used to discharge water at high pressure from reservoirs or full pipes into atmosphere.

The flow towards the exit of the valve is not converging so that the discharge is in the shape of a hollow jet. A major air area contact with the water spray reduces the kinetic energy of water.

The hollow jet valve is designed to dissipate huge amount of energy without cavitation and vibration.

A hood can be incorporated at the end of the valve in order to reduce the risk of erosion from the water jet against the immediate environment.

Applications: Water Hydro Irrigation


• Hydro power turbine bypass, pipelines/dams free discharge into atmosphere,, flood control systems, irrigation facilities, and draining reservoirs or pond.
• PAM Howell Bunger valve is able to dissipate and control enormous amount of water energy.


Manual, electric actuator, hydraulic by double effect cylinders.