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DN 50 – 700
PN 10 – 16 - 25

The ACV E2001 is regulation valve actuated by diaphragm under way flow.
It is able to regulate automatically one or more hydraulic parameters 
which pressure, flow rate or level at prefixed value. On a single valve 
it’s possible to have also two or more functions.
The ACV E2001 is constituted by the main valve and a specific pilot 
circuit for every function.
It works by a membrane that creates with the cover an internal control
chamber, the variations of the volume chamber modifies the position of 
the retainer and regulates the demanded parameter.
The pilot circuit incorporates the centralized multifunction control 
unit “TUP-93” that includes in a single block the filter, the control 
of closing and opening speed and the control of reaction speed of valve.

Avialable in Standard and Reiforced versions

Applications: Water Hydro Irrigation Industry


• Design and performance in accordance with EN1074-1 and 5
• Spacing between flanges series 14 according to ISO 5752-1
• Flange connections in accordance with EN 1092-2 and ISO 7005-2
• Marking according to EN 19
• Hydraulic test according to EN 12266 and in compliance with the requirements of EN 1074-1 and 5
• Certification of conformity to the KTW, WRC and ACS directives


• Body and cap: GS 400-15
• Gasket: EPDM
• Shaft, nuts and washers: A2 stainless steel; A4 (Reiforced versions)
• Membrane: NBR
• Indicator stem: A2 stainless steel; A4 (Reiforced versions)
• Circuit pipes: A2 stainless steel; A4 (Reiforced versions)
• Ball valves: nickel-plated brass


Body and valve disc epoxy powder coated in every part in accordance with EN14901 layer thickness min.250μm or 300μm (Reiforced versions)


• E2115-00: pressure reducing valve;
• E2116-00: pressure sustaining/relief valve;
• E2114-00: rate of flow controller valve;
• E2110-14: float controlled on/off valve;
• E2110-10: float controlled modulating valve (constant level);
• E2127-01: one way flow on/off altitude valve;
• E2127-37: one way flow modulating altitude valve;
• E2117-00: excess flow valve;
• E2118-05: hydraulic check valve;
• E2116-52: pressure relief valve with anticipated opening (until DN 200);
• E2113-12/06: electrically operated on/off valve;
• E2113-40/50: electrically operated step by step valve;
• E2113-46/21: start pump controller valve;
• E2115-02: pressure reducing valve and pressure sustaining valve;
• E2114-02: rate of flow controller and pressure reducing valve;
• E2115-04: pressure reducing valve with electrical remote control;
• E2113-04: pressure reducing and hydraulic check valve;
• E2114-08: rate of flow controller and sustaining pressure valve;
• E2116-03: sustaining pressure and hydraulic check valve;
• E2110-44: float controlled on/off  and rate of flow controller valve;
• E2110-13: float controlled modulating and sustaining pressure valve.
• E2115-46 spec. 349 : 2 level pressure reduction and stabilizatation

On all basic models it is possible to combine other function or add optional ones, install inductive signal devices, analogue 4-20 mA apposition transducers or electronic linear positioning devices. Our pre-sales technical service will identify the optimum configuration.